Technology for Tyre Punctures 
(made simple)



The team at Linseal International have been involved with the development and the manufacture of Tyre Sealant since 1978.

The company owns 2 registered trademarks in the UK and internationally for the brands Linseal and OKO.

The product is manufactured at the factory in the UK in accordance with the manufacturing Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 and is exported worldwide under various brands including white or private labelling for many international customers.

The product is the same formulation and colour for every tyre size and market sector, whether on or off road, bringing simple inventory management to both the trade and the user. Unlike some manufacturers we do not change the colour and pretend it's a different product for different market sectors!

The original puncture prevention solution
since 1978

From mobility scooters to 50 ton dump trucks...


Linseal has developed the worlds first fibre and latex free tyre sealant.

The sealant is a secret mixture of thixotropic compounds and recycled rubber.

The same tried and tested formula has been manufactured for the past 25 years  and is unique, it is the only fibre free sealant on the market. (Tyre sealants evolved with formulas which included chopped fibres, these products tend to dry out after a puncture is sealed and the tyre will deflate after a few days, Linseal technology is completley fibre free and tyres that are sealed in contrast to fibre sealants stay inflated without going down.)


A standard mini tractor can be puncture proof in less than 6 minutes for all 4 tyres. The sealant remains active for the life of the tyre, permanently sealing hundreds of holes caused by puncturing objects of up to 10mm in diameter. In tests for the British Military, over 30 large punctures were sealed in a tyre and the vehicle was still fully operational many months later.


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